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Ayako Sekino Workshop in Amsterdam, NL
11/11, 2017  CET 1:00 ~ 4:30 pm  at Vondelkerk
Live Broadcaststar2
11/11/2017 Ayako Sekino in Amsterdam ☆ LIVE Broadcast ☆
The resonance of joy and excitementstar1
will change the worldstar2
Participation Fee : 88€
YouTube Live Video Streaming : Details Later
Broadcast begins at 5am PT / 6am MT / 7am CT / 8am ET / 9pm JSTstar2
Co-Host of the Workshop, HiRa Hosèn bird
"From the first moment I have watched Ayako
in her presentation the 'Vision for a New Earth'
I was deeply moved insidesquare~~~
I couldn't stop watching for 3 hours and
I have watched it again & again over the past 6 years !
The way Ayako shines so brightstar1the way she movesstar
the way she expresses herself ~~~       so gentle, so powerful,
so free, so light, so graceful, so profoundly inspiringdolfin
When I met Ayako in private this year in Paris,
~~ a world of possibilities opened up for meflower
Ayako and I worked together
~~ applying her 'Infini method'star1~~ and in a very short amount of time
~~ I could release a very dense vibration
I was carrying with me for centuries!
I was feeling so free when we walked into that field of lightstar1~~ 
once this vibration was released
~~  it was almost like I was surprisedsquare~~ 
like "Really?  Can it be this easy !?! "
I'm very happystar1and very excitedstar1
Ayako will come to Amsterdam to share her essence
~~ her Living Lightstar1~~  a dream come true !" star1
HiRa Hosènbird
Ayako Sekino Amsterdam 11/11

Living the Dimension of Dreamsstar3

Living the Dimension of Dreams

July 2017 Workshop Short Movies

How to set up English subtile on YouTube >>star2

July 2017 Workshop Short Movies1-3

1. Ascending to an Energy Field
of Crystalline Light ☆ >>
2. Letting Go of the Frequencies
  We Have Been Using on Earth >>
3. Is It the First Time
You Experience It ? ☆ >>

July 2017 Workshop Short Movies4-6

4. In the Now,
All the Doors Are Open ☆ >>
5. Q&A ~ The Profound Joy of
    Reconnecting Yourself ☆ >>
Coming soon ☆ 6. Letting Go of the Old Way
of Our Being on Earth
in Pure Wonder ☆ >>

July 2017 Workshop Short Movies7-9

7. Channeling Your Joy with
the "Dolphin Practice" >>
8. Voice Message: Existing as Light
    with the "Dolphin Practice" >>
9. The Infinite Possibilities
Existing beyond Fear...☆
Coming soon ☆

Screen of Reality

2010Vision for a New Earth

2010 Vision for a New Earth

Have you realized

you are the creator of your reality?

........and that you have the power to re-create it as well?

Ayako Sekino Vision for a New Earth

2010 Vision for a New EarthPart1

with English subtitle>>

with French subtitle>>

Vision for a New Earth Epilogue ☆

Vision for a New Earth Epilogue

We are now bringing an end to

the “long history of separation”

we have created on our planet.

And as each one of us returns to one’s true self,

all the difficulty that has accumulated throughout our planet

will dissolve entirely.

Ayako Dekino Vision for a New Earth Epilogue

☆ Epilogue (5:00) >>

Practicing the Infini Method Integration >>

Practicing the Infini Method Integration


2016 Special Interview by Mr. Reuben Langdon


1First Contact(14:47)>>2Ayako Sekino Discusses Disclosure&The Association Of Worlds(17:26)>>

english Full interview coming soon
on Reuben Langdon's "Interview with E.D.">>



Collaborative Workshop in Los Angeles

2011 Vision for a New Earth

The Beginning of the Galactic Age


July 30th, 2011DAY1(1:58:44)>>


July 31th, 2011DAY2(2:02:01)>>


english english


2010 Vision for a New EarthPart2

Workshop in Time and Space of the Spacecraft

Preparing for the Workshop

english english

September 6th, 2010(1:22:49)>>

2 day Workshop

in Time and Space of the Spacecraft


September 7th, 2010DAY1(1:58:44)>>


english english

September 8th, 2010DAY2(1:48:06)>>

english english english english

Practicing the Infini Method Integration >>



September 8th, 2010

The special interview with AYAKO
by April Rierdan (Bashar Communications) >>


2008Shift to the Next Earth

September 15th, 2008

english english

Part1Special Workshop in the Movie Theater(2:37:20)>>


September 16-17th, 2008


Part2After Workshop Dialogue(2:50:49)>>



Ayako’s Workshop in Japan

2012  Special Event

Part1 (53:51) >>Part2 (1:39:31) >>


2011 School for a New Earth


Is There Really a Law of Karma(8:49)>>


The True Connection(14:15)>>


Shifting to Parallel Reality(9:07)>>


We wish to expand this “Living Light Library☆” of

Ayako’s videos and audio messages to a global community:


It has been our great joy to put this material together

for the awakening of our personal and collective consciousness. 

If you wish to join us in this co-creative process,

please contact us >>

We are looking for people who can help us

translate and caption our videos in English or other languages. 

In gratitude for your participation in this planetary evolution,

We are looking forward to waking up together☆

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